Collection: Intimate Brightening

We have become even more aware of the modern-day concerns about Vaginal Wellness. For example, do you experience embarrassing dark or discolored intimate areas? Prana SpaCeuticals® has now become the leader in Intimate Brightening. Its natural for the vaginal, underarms, thighs, and buttocks to become discolored over time; we refer to this as hyper-friction™.

What is Hyper-friction™ and what causes this discoloration?

Intimate Discoloration from coarse hair, thin skin, and excessive rubbing in particular areas cause chronic inflammation and irritation.

  • Shaving – Shaving can cause discoloration due to the amount of pressure being used, the direction in which you are shaving, and how sharp the blade is. Razor Bumps are also a common skin condition that occurs as a result of shaving. Include clusters of small, red, or dark bumps around hair follicles. In addition, the surrounding skin is often red and inflamed.
  • Tight clothing- Especially during workouts
  • Genes – Genes play a significant role in the number of melanocytes you inherit, which can cause hyperpigmentation to form more quickly and some areas to become darker than others.
  • Not exfoliating or Over Exfoliating – dead skin cells build up every day, which can cause discoloration. Regular exfoliation 2-3 times a week will help to smooth and brighten the area. However, over-exfoliation can cause the skin's barrier to damage which could lead to sensitivity.
  • Waxing – Waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving. However, if it is not done correctly, you may experience PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation), which will cause discoloration.

Our advanced botanical intimate brightening treatment will brighten, help with folliculitis, and improve texture irregularities in unsightly private areas.

Learn whats works for you? We offer a variety of solutions to today's ever-evolving concern:

Are you interested in having an advanced brightening peel treatment with a professional esthetician? This is a series of peel treatments that you would have conducted in a professional treatment room. The severity of the discoloration would determine how many treatments you would need to achieve your desired goals. We recommend three professional applications with follow-up home care maintenance.

What level of peeling will I experience?

After day three, there will be some noticeable dryness and minor to major sloughing of the skin.

What must you avoid before and after the peel treatment?

Pre-treatment: Avoid All depilatory treatments such as hair removal of any type (sugaring, creams, waxing, and laser)

Post-treatment: Clients should abstain from any indoor or outdoor activities that cause friction to the treated area, including intimacy, tight clothing, hot yoga, hot saunas, and long durations of hot water submersion. Not following this advice may cause (PIH) Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, which will make it very difficult to have optimum results.

Why is the Home Care Necessary?

  • Hoo Haa Cleanser helps to digest the dead skin and prevent itching.
  • Bikini Bottom helps to continue home care brightening effects along with minimizing underarm sweat.
  • Hoo Haa Lotion moisturizes, hydrates, decreases the itch, and continues to brighten, as well as an all-over body brightener.
  • AHA/BHA Refining Masque Used three consecutive days post-treatment continues the brightening effects and inhibits melanin production.
  • Arnica Recovery Gel helps to calm traumatized skin and will assist in the healing process.
Do you prefer to use our New Home Care Peach Peel System? A take-home home all in one kit.
  • Dermal Sensory Correction™ reverses neurogenic inflammation.
  • Preps the skin for waxing
  • Soothes skin after cosmetic treatments
  • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Preps hair for depilatory treatments
  • Diminishes discoloration
  • Keeps intimate areas fresh

Our latest Pre/Post waxing treatment utilizes new advanced technology to incorporate Neurocosmetic peptides integrated into cosmetic modalities and reduce repetitive aggression—formulated with Neurocosmetic peptides that target cosmetic modalities and repetitive aggression. In addition, Dermal Sensory Correction™ functions to restore reactive nerves by sending cellular messages to calm and soothe skin back to a normal threshold.

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